Publix Passport Login Oasis

The Publix market network provides its employees with the Passport Login Oasis service ⚡️. It makes it easy for employees to find training materials, payment documents, schedule, health benefits, and more. There may also be problems entering your personal passport login. We will understand how to avoid them.

Publix Oasis for Employee: 🔑 Log In

You can sign in to the official website of Publix Passport. does not work at the moment, but there is a other address, you need:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your login (ID) and password in the fields.

Warning: If you do not have a login, please contact your Publix Asset Management Company.

Publix Oasis for Employee: Sing in Login

When the Publix Passport Login does not work

There may be an error on the screen when you sing in: Access Denied. This happens if you are trying to enter an employee's passport from another country where you are on vacation or on business trip. This is a special protection against DOS attacks. But there is also a solution. You must install VPN and select USA.

Access Denied

How to reset your Publix Passport password

If you have forgotten your password and cannot log in, do not hesitate to beat the alarm. Below there is a Forgot Your Password? button under the login. Click on it and then:

  1. Enter User ID
  2. In the second field Last 4 digits of SSN

The password will be sent to the email you registered for. You will also be contacted by a store employee to verify your identity and additional information.

How to reset your Publix Passport password


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